The Olliesonny Crew




Claudia has been skating for 10 years. She coaches street, park and longboarding. Claudia has been involved in the local skateboarding in Sydney for many years and has a strong community following. You may recognise her heel flip from recent appearances on TV! Check out ‘Instant Hotel’ on Netflix to see Coach Claudia in action.

Claudia has a degree in business and sports management. 



Operations Director

Allie has been working with children through community organisations since 2007. She is the brains behind Olliesonny and the creative brilliance behind all of our merchandise! Allie has been skateboarding since she was 14 and only stacks during competition. 




Paige has been skating for the past 2 years and has really left her mark on the female skate community! She is a passionate young skater and is always keen to share her skills with others. Paige has been an integral part of the Olliesonny Crew and we are so proud of to have her on board! (Pun intended).